WP Engine Migration Guide

WPEngine Easy Migration Guide

WP Engine has released a plugin which makes migrating your WordPress website to their platform a breeze.

Step 1: Purchase a WP Engine Hosting Plan

If you haven’t already, the first step is to Purchase Hosting from WP Engine.  They have several plans to choose for various levels of needs.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.16.47 PM

If you’re WordPress website doesn’t need an SSL certificate you’d most likely be alright with the Personal Plan.

Step 2: Get WP Engine Migration Plugin Settings

Once you’ve purchased your hosting plan you will get a welcome with access information to my.wpengine.com. When log in and select your website there will be a link in the left-hand menu called Site Migration that you will need to go to. On this screen you will see a box with the information you will need to run the migration plugin.


Step 3: Install WP Engine Migration Plugin

Important: in this step you will install the WP Engine Migration Plugin on your current WordPress installation, not your WP Engine install. You can download the plugin using the link shown above or you can go to Plugins > Add New and search for WP Engine Automated Migration.

WP Engine Migration Plugin Installation


Step 4: Run Migration Plugin

Once the plugin is installed you will need to run it by clicking the WP Engine Migrate link in the left-hand menu of your WordPress admin. Here you will enter in the access information found in step 2.

WP Engine Migration Plugin Credentials

When you run this for the first time you will use your temporary WP Engine URL (ex. yoursite.wpengine.com) as the Destination Site URL.

After initiating the migration you will be taken to a progress screen. It may take a while to complete or even being to show progress, so be patient. You will also receive notification emails when the migration begins and completes.

Step 5: Verify Migration

Once you see that the migration has completed you need to go to your temporary site URL (ex. yoursite.wpengine.com) and make sure that everything is working as intended. Make sure that you do not see any broken images.

Step 6: Rerun the WP Engine Migration Plugin

When you ran the migration plugin the first time you entered yoursite.wpengine.com as the Destination Site URL. That changed the URL values throughout your website from yoursite.com to yoursite.wpengine.com. This allowed the migration to go through and for you to verify that everything was working correctly. Now we want to switch all the database values back to yoursite.com.

You will need to run the WP Engine Migration Plugin a second time. However, this time your Destination Site URL value will be you real website URL (ex. yoursite.com).

Once this completes your WP Engine website installation is completely migrated and ready to roll.

Hopefully this tutorial was able to guide you through the migration process. If you need help we can do it for. Click here for more information on our WP Engine migration service.