How fast does your WordPress website load?

The page load times are a very important part of the user experience for any WordPress website. Website visitors tend to care more about a quick load time than the website design, awesome functionality, or even the page’s content. In addition, page load time is an more important part of search engine rankings.

Even if your website loads pretty fast now, chances are it could be even faster. There are two major factors in improving load times. First is having a fast and reliable hosting vendor. Many companies, and individuals, have a shared hosting plan. This means your website is one of many hosted on a single server. The degree of usage on those websites can bog down the server, causing your website to load slower. This is why sometimes your site seems faster than others.

If you have a WordPress website you should spend a few minutes and test the speed of your WordPress website. This report will let you know how much faster your website could be with WP Engine Hosting. They’re an Austin based hosting company that specializes solely on WordPress websites.

The second factor in improving your website’s load time, is using a Content Delivery Network, such as Amazon S3 to serve up files used on your website. Most people associate this service with large downloads and video streaming services. However, you can even use S3 to serve up your images, JavaScript, and style sheets. By doing this, you’re limiting the amount of data that is being pulled off your shared hosting account.

Say good-bye to your WordPress website loading slow.