Big savings on vinyl records.

We created an Amazon price tracker specifically for vinyl records.

Vinyl Deals

We love spinning vinyl records at the office. We also love saving money and as any vinyl record collector will tell you, records are expensive. Amazon is the largest online seller of vinyl records and has great pricing. Combine their pricing with free Prime shipping and you can get some really nice deals.

If you watch prices on Amazon you’ll see that they fluctuate pretty regularly. There are websites out there that track Amazon prices so you can see if it’s a good time to buy a particular item you’re interested in but what if you just want to see what items are on sale? We created a little side project that does just that to give you the best deals on vinyl.

We just launched The site works by regularly cataloging and updating prices for all of Amazon’s vinyl records for sale. Throughout the day the site processes the price history of every record in the database to display a list of new vinyl records on sale.

The record database takes time to build and accumulate the most accurate, long-term price history so the number of deals are limited right now, but as time passes more accurate and complete deals will be listed.