Enhancing several websites for TEA.

Texas Education Agency Website

The Texas Education Agency is one of the largest government agencies in Texas. The TEA website provides resources to help schools meet the educational needs of all students in Texas. Their existing websites were disorganized, outdated and not visually appealing, and was quickly becoming a negative reflection of the agency. Feedback from users centered on the difficulty in locating specific information.

We partnered with Steel Branding as a subcontracting HUB to create cleaner, simpler websites that better represented the Agency’s mission in easily providing the most up-to-date information on public education in Texas. These new websites provide easy ways to navigate expansive information, use dropdown mega menus, and pulls together top information to help users quickly access the information they need. We provided TEA with coded web templates for their internal team to integrate into their Content Management System, Ektron.

Texas Education Agency Website

We created a responsive website design that is easy to navigate and prominently displays multiple, engaging ways to navigate the site to improve user experience and reduce time spent on the website. This makes their website the most credible resource for finding the most up-to-date information on public education in Texas.

Texas Education Agency Website

Texas Student Data Systems Website

The TSDS website is used by a wide variety of user audience, each with their own set of needs. We built a website design that quickly provides important content for various users groups and gets them to the detailed information they're interested in. This web design draws from the overall TEA brand while still being unique as its own entity.

TSDS Website

Texas Student Data Systems Portal

TEA makes use of several tools and applications that are used all the way down to the teachers. These tools were brought together into one place through this portal so that everyone involved in Texas education can manage and view student data.

TSDS Portal

TPEIR Texas Education Reports Website

The TPEIR website is a collection of reports that used to be manage manually by creating pages with links to various reports. This time consuming process prevented the content from always being up-to-date and accurate. In addition to creating a new web design, we created a report taxonomy so that they could upload and tag reports for an automated front-end display. This also improved user experience by making reports easier to find.

TPEIR Website

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