A better ticketing system for Nitehawk Cinema.

WordPress Movie Theater Website

Redesigning the visuals and the backend.

Nitehawk contacted us for our website design and WordPress development capabilities to tackle two important issues they were facing.

First, they wanted website design that reflected their brand and would engaged their customers the same way that they were through their social media and blog. We set out to merge the main website and blog into a single, cohesive online experience that leveraged their brand.

Second, they were facing a logistical nightmare, where they were entering movie and showtime information into both their Point of Sale system and manually creating movie pages with showtime links that linked to their Point of Sale system. This manual process was costing them a lot of man hours. We wanted to simplify this process by having the website and Point of Sale communicate to automatically create a bulk of the website content for them.

Movie and Showtime API Integration

We developed a custom WordPress plugin that integrated Nitehawk's Point of Sale system so that movies and showtimes were automatically added to the website. Other information such as whether a showtime was sold out or not is also automatically updated. This plugin has significantly reduced the man hours Nitehawk spends on maintaining their website and improved usability for their customers.

WordPress RTS Movie Plugin

Custom Showtime Calendar

Nitehawk wanted a calendar so customers could see what movies were coming and what days they would be shown. This required us to create a complex query that associated movies with showtime dates/times to generate a calendar of what movies played each day.

Movie Showtime Calendar - RTS

Movie & Blog Post Relationships

Since we brought the blog into the main website it gave us a fun opportunity to use shared taxonomies to associate blog posts with relevant movies. This extends the user experience by providing additional reading for movies customers are attending.

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“Willard Interactive came to the rescue as our original website continued to break every time our ticketing POS system went through a software upgrade. They helped us integrate seamlessly with the xml feed of our POS provider and we never had another issue with software updates. In addition, the rebuilt our content management system on the back end to streamline our website management process and automate many processes that were manual before. ”

Matthew Viragh

Executive Director and Founder at Nitehawk Cinema

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