Raising the bar for the Austin Bar Association.

Austin Bar Association Responsive Website

The Austin Bar Association is a nonprofit professional organization for attorneys. Their existing website was not adequately serving their 4,100+ members. The website was difficult to navigate and built on their membership database platform, which they were considering replacing with another provider. This would leave them without a website and having to start from scratch. They wanted a website that was independent of any third-party membership platform so that they could own and manage their own site and have the flexibility to change membership databases if they needed in the future.

As the WordPress developer, we worked with them to build a responsive WordPress website that integrated with Your Membership to provide their members with user friendly and mobile capable interface.

Interactive Calendar

They needed a robust calendar that allowed them to use custom taxonomies to assign events to each of their specialty subgroups. This calendar interface ties into event registration handled by their membership database software. This gave use greater control of how the calendar looked and function to better meet the association's needs.

Austin Bar Association Calendar

Association Section Microsites

We created section microsites for each of their 21 specialty subgroups. These sections had their own content, resources, and calendars to best communicate with those members.

Section Microsites

Integration With Third-Party Membership Software

The membership database and tools are handled through a third-party service called Your Membership. We integrated this service through custom templates and embeds so that users had a seamless user experience between the two services.

Intus WordPress Integration

“We so enjoyed working with Willard Interactive! Their approach is deliberate and thorough, keeping both frontend and backend users in mind. They truly listen and asks questions—something missing in most web agencies.”

Kat Hinson

Director of Communications at Austin Bar Association

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