$45/mo Unlimited iPhone Plan

Stumbled upon one heck of a deal. Straight Talk is offering a $45/month unlimited minutes, text, and data cell phone plan. Best of all, you can bring your AT&T or unlocked iPhone to their service.

Straight Talk is a pay as you go plan, which means there is no contracts to sign, but you will need to provide your own cell phone. All you do is buy a sim card from them and put it into your phone. Their service runs on the AT&T network so you’ll have good coverage in most areas.

I was skeptical at first but I took a leap and bought a refurbished AT&T iPhone 4 on eBay to give it a try. I was surprised how easy it was to sign up and port my cell phone number to Straight Talk. The whole process took about 45 minutes.

The only downside is that you cannot MMS (picture message) unless you jailbreak your iPhone. I don’t really mind though, you can iMessage with other iPhone users to send pictures as a work around.

Read more information on this $45/mo unlimited iPhone plan and how to sign up.